What Is a Bridal Luncheon?


Bridal luncheon is generally a party thrown in honour of bridesmaids. It happens before the wedding day and is mainly happens to thank the bridesmaids. The party is also an opportunity for socializing of the maids and is hosted by the bride.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Bridal Luncheon"
If the bridal shower luncheon is being held in someone's home, a causal to semi-casual attire is appropriate. A sit-down luncheon held in a home calls for slacks or a simple skirt
Usually its you and your girls, the mothers and grandmothers if there are any and you sit down to a served lunch and the bride gives out her gifts to you. Its usually the day before
When lunch is served to several people it can be called a luncheon.
Traditionally, the bridal luncheon is a party that's hosted by the
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