Disc Osteophyte Complex?


A broad based disc osteophyte complex is a spinal cord condition. This condition is caused by bone spurs. The spurs develop on the vertebrae or discs. A broad based would be a large area having this condition.
Q&A Related to "Disc Osteophyte Complex?"
The Dr told me I have broad-based disc osteophyte complex L2 L3 with marked ligamentum flavum, marked facet hyppertrophy, marked bilateral foraminal stenosis with severe centeral
Dear Wendy, It is the job of your doctor to interpret and explain findings in the context of other clinical information about you. Osteophytes are, usually, a bone response to chronic
Some minor cases of disc osteophyte complex can benefit from exercises to improve posture. Anti-inflammatory medication might help ease the pain associated with disc osteophyte complex
Nobody knows for sure, but the chances are it comes from Northern Europe.
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