What Is a Broken Axis Graph?


A broken axis graph is a graph that has some discontinuity in either its 'Y' or 'X' axes. This kind of graph is used to show some linearity in data with very big variables on either axis. It is characterised by a small zigzag pattern at some point on the axis.
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The horizontal line passing through the origin.
The y-axis is the vertical line in the coordinate system. The line begins between Quadrants I and II, intersects with the horizontal x-axis at the point of origin, and then continues
The x and y axes is where x and y = 0 and is the starting point and center for
On a graph, the z-axis is a third dimension, the axis in three-dimensional Cartesian coordinates which is usually oriented vertically.
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In a graph, a broken axis is either the y or x axis whose values do not start from the origin or simply Zero. The axes are usually broken when the lowest point to be plotted is an extremely high figure that can't easily fit on the graph and form an impressive mathematical appearance. The breaking can be applied when plotting both the line and bar graphs.
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