What Is a Bull Barrel?


A bull barrel is a type of gun barrel that is cylindrical. The shape of the barrel makes it stiffer, reducing the vibrations created by the sudden increase of air pressure when the gun goes off. Basically, the bull barrel is meant to reduce the effect that vibrations have on aim.
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For rifles, the bull barrel creates a problem as well as solves one: It makes the gun heavier, which makes rifles more cumbersome and unwieldy. The increase in diameter of a fully
A bull barrel is a type of rifle designed for target shooting, characterized by the total, or
A heavier (bull) barrel is stiffer than a light barrel. It does not vibrate during firing as a light barrel will. Combined with a steadier aim due to the increased weight, the combination
Bull is suggestive of something large, thick and strong. A bull barrel is one that's cylindrical along is whole length and does not taper. The purpose is to minimize the effects of
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What Is a Bull Barrel?
A bull barrel is a type of gun barrel that does not taper outward, making it completely cylindrical. This makes the barrel stiffer, which reduces the amplitude of the vibrations in the barrel created by by the sudden increase of air pressure in the... More »
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A bull barrel rifle is a type of gun that is cylindrical along its whole length and does not taper easily. Bull barrel rifles can either be fluted or non-fluted, ...
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The British Bull Dog was a solid-frame pocket revolver that was introduced in 1872 by Philip Webley & Son of Birmingham, England. It had a 2.5 inch barrel ...
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