How do I make a bullwhip?


A Bull-whip is a whip made of braided leather. It is not clear where it originated from, but bullwhips are now used with livestock. There are different types of bullwhips as the weight, length and design of the whips differ.
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The "whip" probably refers to the sudden change of direction at the tip of a whip. It's the rapid and dramatic acceleration of the tip of the whip when it changes direction
Bullwhip is a long, plaited rawhide whip with a knotted end. It was originally used as a tool for working with livestock.
(bʊl'hwĭp', -wĭp') n. A long, plaited rawhide whip with a knotted end. tr.v. , -whipped , -whip·ping , -whips . To whip or beat with a bullwhip.
According to Urban Dictionary: It's taking a dump in a tube/tall sock and beating
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[bool-hwip, -wip]
a rawhide whip having a short handle and a long, plaited lash.
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