What Is a Bure?


Bure is the Fiji version of a hut, made out of bamboo and straw. Sometimes they may reflect a cabin when wood is used instead of bamboo. Today many resorts take on the Bure design.
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Bure is a word from Fiji, which means a wood and a straw hut or a cabin. A bure is a structure built of anything that comes to hand; hence, the components of a bure are either stacked together, tied together by rope or a combination of both methods.
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A bure is a wooden and straw hut, similar to a cabin. Bure is a Fijian word, and originally meant a structure built from anything that was around at the time. The parts of a bure
Pavel Vladimirovich Bure (Russian: Павел Владимирович Буре
Pavel Vladimirovich Bure (Russian; born March 31, 1971) is a retired Russian
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