What does a butterfly bush look like?


A Butterfly bush is a perennial shrub with brightly coloured, lilac-like blooms. It is one of the most attractive shrubs to butterflies and bees. It can be grown in the home garden but it oftenly grows large and kills the other plants.
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Butterfly bush is a very hardy and woody shrub. It grows at a fairly fast rate if it's happy in it's environment. Ordinary garden soil should be fine. The old fashioned purple butterfly
Buddleia is the name of the Butterfly Bush. Its branches support li...
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What Is a Butterfly Bush?
The butterfly bush, or summer lilac, is a shrub or small tree used as adornment in gardens that provides nectar for butterflies. Originating from warm regions, it is of the genus Buddleia davidii.... More »
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A butterfly bush is native to China, is also known as the buddleja davidii, and is a greatly favored by gardeners and landscapers because of the beneficial insects its colorful blossoms and sweet fragrance attracts. Butterfly bushes grow very quickly and can often reach full maturity in two seasons. They also boast an extended bloom time, lasting from May until October. Butterfly bushes are extremely hardy and can withstand a number of different climates, including those with cold, harsh winters.
Buddleja is the flowering plant genus which attracts butterflies, and earned the name butterfly bush. However, these plants can attract more than butterflies as moths, and bees tend to enjoy them as well. You can find more info at: en.wikipedia.org
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