What Is a Buzzer?


A buzzer is an audio device that may be electromechanical, mechanical or piezoelectric. Buzzers are used in timers, alarms and confirmation of user inputs such as a keystroke. It is also known as a beeper.
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HELLO THERE! ELIZABETHAN HIGH STUDENTS! An audible warning device indicating it is time to do something. . Answer- A buzzer or beeper is a signalling device, usually electronic,
buzzer: a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed; a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound
(DOD) An unclassified term to terminate electronic attack activities, including the use of electronic warfare expendables.See also electronic attack; electronic warfare.
Derrick Fisher made a 3 pointer at the buzzer of the first half between the Lakers and the
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a person or thing that buzzes.
a signaling apparatus similar to an electric bell but without hammer or gong, producing a buzzing sound by the vibration of an armature.
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A buzzer is usually just a button that makes a buzzing noise in order to notify a person that something is happening. They are commonly used on game shows to notify the host that a person knows an answer.
I have found information concerning the question about 'what is a buzzer' A buzzer is an electrical device, similar to a bell, and makes a buzzing noise. Also used for signaling.
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