Calcified Granuloma of the Lung?


A calcified granuloma in the lung is the hardening of lung tissue which contains deposits of calcium. It takes a long time to develop and is a result of fungal infections. The granumola can be treated by antibiotics or minor surgical operations.
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Most commonly, granuloma of the lung is caused by a fungal infection called pulmonary histoplasmosis. Most granulomas do not require treatment.
The answer to this is basically the same one I gave you for your question about hepatic granulomas including the advice about follow up with your physician. Take this up with your
A calcified granuloma is a chronic (long-term) infection that has been present for so long that the dead tissue in the area has had calcium deposited in it, much like bone. The right
Calcified Granuloma is a noncancerous inflammation. It can be treated and is cureable. It often arises after an infection of the tissue.
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A non calcified lung nodule is a lesion up to 3 cm in size which is totally enveloped in lung tissue. It is spherical in shape and if greater than 3 cm, it is ...
Treatment of a calcified granuloma is usually not required. When a granuloma has been calcified, this usually means that it is an old granuloma and poses no risk ...
A non-calcified lung nodule is a spherical lesion, up to 3 cm in size, which is totally enveloped in lung tissue. It should not worry you much as they are just ...
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