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2013 Holiday Calendar
February 18: President's Day
March 31: Easter Sunday
May 27: Memorial Day
September 2: Labor Day
October 14: Columbus Day
November 11: Veterans Day
November 28: Thanksgiving
December 25: Christmas Day
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The majority of a calendar clerk’s day is spent scheduling the various activities that take place in the court. This includes arbitrations, conferences, motions and trials.
What is a calender? A calendar is a system of organizing days for a social, religious, commercial or administrative purpose. This organization is done by giving names to periods of
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The word calendar may refer to different things, but it is mostly used to refer to a system of organising days by giving names to periods, weeks, months and years. It is also used to refer to a system of hard pressured rollers, which is used to smoothen a sheet of material, mostly paper.
To my knowledge a calendar is an object that shows you all the months in a year. It also numbers the day and shows the names of the days of the week. Some calendars will list all the holidays too.
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