What Is a Call to Action in a Persuasive Essay?


A call to action in a persuasive essay is the author’s way of urging the reader to do something. This is an approach most often used in sales pitches. The reader is encouraged to take immediate action and call or buy a particular product or service.
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A persuasive essay is an essay where the writer is trying to convince the audience about a certain topic or subject. They want to persuade you to believe them and their opinion.
The use of indisputable facts lends immediate credibility to any persuasive essay. Evidence in the form of statistics (or other verifiable truths) can help promote your point of view
•Abortion rights •Sex eduaction in public schools •School dress codes (uniforms, etc) •How much tv is too much? •School provided foods •Homework amounts
The body is supposed to contain 3 or more supporting details which support
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This is a part of speech, usually at the conclusion, which tries to get the attention of the reader and to convince them about their strongest points. Lines used to get the attention of the reader may include, 'make a decision now to be involved' or 'I encourage you to'. It usually lets the reader accomplish one of the following objectives; make their own personal conclusions or arrive at a similar conclusion.
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A call to action in persuasive writing is a part where you persuade everyone with your solidest points. And the most helpful examples in regards those points, ...
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