What Is a Card Catalog?


A card catalogue is an alphabetical file of subjects, authors and titles for material that is acquired by a university library. It is usually organised using a single card for every item in the library for easier recovery.
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Card catalogs were a convenient way for a library to track their many publications. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order, and each card represents one item in the collection
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n. An alphabetical listing, especially of books in a library, made with a separate card for each item.
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What Are Card Catalogs?
A card catalog is an organizational tool that helps track items and their location. This tool uses a chest of many small, deep drawers containing hundreds of catalog cards. Each card measures approximately 3 inches by 5 inches. The card catalog is an... More »
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A card catalog is a physical listing of all of the contents of a library, organized with a single card for each item in the library. Its a familiar navigational hazard in all libraries.
Back in the day before fancy computers could tell you where to find a book in a library, librarians would create small cards that went into a catalog. These cards gave information about a specific book and were organized in alphabetical order in a specially made box that had many drawers to fit the cards.
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