What Is a Case Management Conference and Divorce?


A case management conference in a divorce is simply a meeting between the judge, the plaintiff, defendant, and occasionally their lawyers to see if the parties would want to settle the dispute or go to trial. This conference usually happens after a law suit is filed by the plaintiff, but before the trial.
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1. File the Answer to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and the Counter Petition for Dissolution of Marriage within the prescribed time (the time is prescribed by statute or
That is where the judge and the attornies get together and work out a plan or a proposed timetable as to how the trial is going to go and/or how long it might take. It is strictly
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Case management generally refers to how a person manages a certain case under his own care. In more specific terms, case management may mean a different definition for different types
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A divorce case management conference is a time when the judge tries to find out what needs to be done in the divorce case by the court. This kind of conference may be conducted by a judge or staff designated by a judge.
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