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A CC in liquid measurement is a metric unit of volume that normally equals one thousandth of a litre. It stands for cubic centimetres or cubic centimetres and is used to measure the amount of fuel that a car can accommodate.
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cubic centimetres.
1. Use the correct tool for the job. Make sure you start with a liquid measuring cup - a glass or plastic cup with graduated markings on the side. They usually range from a quarter
It varies by product. A good measure is traded notional volume over outstanding notional. This gives you a sense of what fraction of the total outstanding securities trade on any
Cc is the abbreviation for cubic centimeter when
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A cc is a unit of measurement for liquids that is equivalent to a millilitre. For instance, 2.5ml is equal to 2.5 cc and 5cc is equal to ½ a teaspoon. The unit can be used to measure medicine so as to ensure that the patient takes the correct dosage.
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CC is a measurement of liquids and stands for cubic centimeters. 1 CC is the equivalent of 1 milliliter. There are about 20 drops in 1 CC or 1 milliliter. ...
On a syringe, a CC is an acronym for cubic centimetre. This is a measure of the volume that a syringe takes in. syringes usually have a calibration mechanism displayed ...
CC stands for cubic centimetres. It is a metric unit of volume which is equal to one thousandth of a litter. CC is commonly used in fluid measure, and blood is ...
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