What Is a CC on a Syringe?


On a syringe, a CC is an acronym for cubic centimetre. This is a measure of the volume that a syringe takes in. syringes usually have a calibration mechanism displayed on their walls, which help the user allocating correct measurements.
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cc is an old term that means cubic centermetre. It is now replaced by the term ml (millilitre) 1cc = 1ml.
Walgreen's and other pharmacies will sell cc syringes with a valid prescription. There may be a free clinic in your area that gives them away also.
CC stands for Cubic Centimeters. A cubic centimeter is a cube 1cm X 1cm X 1cm.
cubic centimetres
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What Is a CC on a Syringe?
Most standard medical syringes indicate how many ccs they contain on the side in a series of indicator lines. These lines refer to cubic centimeters, a universal standard of measurement.... More »
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A cc or cubic centimetre on a syringe is a marker or a unit of measurement that is used to determine or indicate the volume of a liquid that has been placed in the syringe. The unit of measurement is equivalent to a millilitre, for instance 2.5ml is equal to 2.5 cc and 5cc is equal to ½ a teaspoon.
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A baby squirrel is supposed to be fed on scalded milk with a small 1 c.c. syringe very slowly 4 times a day, every 5 hours. You can also give it water with an ...
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