What Is a CC on a Syringe?


On a syringe, a CC is an acronym for cubic centimetre. This is a measure of the volume that a syringe takes in. syringes usually have a calibration mechanism displayed on their walls, which help the user allocating correct measurements.
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CC means cubic centimeter, and with water a cubic centimeter is the same as 1 mL. It's also the same as 1 gram.
The abbreviation, 'cc' refers to the unit of measurement known as 'cubic centimeters' There are 236.588 cubic centimeters in one cup.
Barrel The barrel of the syringe is the chamber that holds the insulin for injection. Unit measurements are marked on the side of the barrel to measure your dosage. Barrel sizes range
n An air syringe equipped with an electric heating element to heat the air to any desired temperature.
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What Is a CC on a Syringe?
Most standard medical syringes indicate how many ccs they contain on the side in a series of indicator lines. These lines refer to cubic centimeters, a universal standard of measurement.... More »
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A cc or cubic centimetre on a syringe is a marker or a unit of measurement that is used to determine or indicate the volume of a liquid that has been placed in the syringe. The unit of measurement is equivalent to a millilitre, for instance 2.5ml is equal to 2.5 cc and 5cc is equal to ½ a teaspoon.
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A baby squirrel is supposed to be fed on scalded milk with a small 1 c.c. syringe very slowly 4 times a day, every 5 hours. You can also give it water with an ...
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