Natural Gas CCF?


CCF of gas is a unit that is used to measure natural gas usage. CCF refers to hundred cubic feet which is equivalent to one therm, a non-SI unit of heat energy. The CCF is measured using a Clearwater gas system metre.
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102,000 BTU = 1 ccf
The new overall cost for gas service will increase from $1.28 per hundred
There are 36.41 cubic feet of propane gas in one gallon of propane liquid. That is measured with the gas at 60 degs F and 14.696 psia The question you didn't ask is what is the difference
This question is a little outside my area, but I can answer as follows: a cubic foot of gas contains approximately 1000 btu's. I believe there are approximately 21591 btu's in a
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102,000 BTU = 1 ccf. ...
1. Enter the ccf value into the calculator. For example, if your natural gas bill shows you used 200 units of gas in ccf, enter 200. 2. Multiply the ccf value ...
1. Multiply the number of CCF by 100 to obtain the amount of natural gas in cubic feet. For example, if the amount of natural gas is 15 CCF, then multiply by 100 ...
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