Certificate of Merit?


Certificate of merit is an achievement award presented to a person/student, a group of people or an organisation. A student may be awarded a certificate of merit for the best overall performance in a certain subject every year or a number of subjects. A group may be awarded a certificate of merit because of completing a project.
Q&A Related to "Certificate of Merit?"
Merit is being of superior quality and excellence as well as deserving of praise and worthiness. It is also an achievement or quality which you have demonstrated as in a job or exam
The National Merit Scholarship Program is a United States academic
There are three basic definitions of the word "merit. The first definition describes merit as an admirable quality that a person or thing possesses. Another meaning of the word
Merits are needed to be able to VP on ToonTown. EX: I am Hollywood level 39, I will need 5,550 merits from factories in Sellbot Hq, from sellbot buildings anywhere, ( I would prefor
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