What is a certified copy of a passport?


A certified copy of a passport is a copy of a passport that has on it an endorsement or certificates that it is a true copy of the passport. It does not certify that the passport is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the passport.
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1. Gather the necessary information. A person requesting a certified passport copy will need to include the following information in his request: his full name and any name changes
It means that they want a photocopy of your passport that has been signed as a "true copy" by a regonized person. Usually they're Justice of the Peaces, solicitors or teachers
The Office of Vital Statistics and Registry charges $25 for the first copy and $2 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. The fees for certified copies from the Local Registrar
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A certified copy of a passport is a photocopy which has been signed by a solicitor. It should be a true copy of the original. You should take your passport to a solicitor who will photocopy it and certify the photocopy as genuine.
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