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The chain of command also referred to as a scaler chain is the order in which authority and power in an organization is wielded and delegated from top management. This applies to every employee at every level of the organization from the top management to the low in ranking.
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Chain of command is an organizational structure in which authority passes down from the top and each person in the chain is directly responsible to the person above.
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Answer A chain of command is necessary to keep order and control. If there was no chain of command, workers would do as they wanted, with no one responsable for what went on. A chain
The chain of command is the ranking of people in a government or office setting. The ranking is from lowest to highest and dictated by power, authority, or responsibilities.
1. Glue a picture of the CEO, or highest person, of the organization at the top of a piece of poster board. Write his name and title underneath the image. 2. Draw chain links between
A chain of command is part of a hierarchical organizational structure. It is the line along which orders are passed downward and other information is passed upward. In a hierarchical
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Chain of command means u take your problem to your ...
The chain of command is the order in which the power of authority is given. This can include a chain of command in a business or a government organization, including ...
It is important to follow the chain of commands because without it business, schools, the military and so on, would be left with no superior and no organization. ...
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