What Is a Character Actor?


A character actor is a person who predominantly plays unusual or eccentric characters. Some character actors have distinctive voices or accents which limit their roles, while others have developed careers because of specific talents that are required in genre films, such as dancing, horsemanship or swimming ability.
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An actor must have commanding communication skills such as articulate speech. A strong vocabulary and an understanding of language are helpful. Ability to interact with others is
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Character actors are actors in a film or a play who do not play the main role but they are involved in the playing of supportive roles. They are not the main actors and normally take roles such as the best friend to the main actor, side kick and gangster among others.
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Will Wright was a character actor from California who appeared in at least 219 films and television shows between 1934 and 1962. Some of the actor's most illustrious ...
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