What is a chat?


In regards to digital technology, a chat is an online real-time conversation. A chat can also be defined as an informal in-person, phone, LAN or WAN conversation

In reference to the Internet, a chat takes place in a chat room. Someone types a message on an electronic device and others are able to read and respond to the message in real time. Companies often offer the ability to converse with tech support and customer service agents via these facilities. Chats can be between two people or a much larger group. Chat systems often allow users in a group chat to send private messages to each other.

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Chatting is the act of communicating with another by having a conversation. Chatting is also used as an internet term to describe the communication between people through instant
Date chat rooms are not rooms in the physical sense. Instead, they are online channels people "enter" by one of several means. Chatters may be required to create a profile
Twitter chats are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter to discuss pretty much anything that interests them, using a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation. There are chats
A form of interactive online communication that permits typed conversations to occur in real time. Messages are instantaneously relayed from one participant in a chat discussion to
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to converse in a familiar or informal manner.
informal conversation: We had a pleasant chat.
Digital Technology text-based communication in real time between two users over a network or the Internet.
any of several small Old World thrushes, especially of the genus Saxicola, having a chattering cry.
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