Check Routing Number?


A check routing number refers to a number that is used in the identification of a financial institution that is associated with a certain account. The number is normally made up of nine digits and often comes before the account number just at the bottom of the checks.
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The routing number on a check is the first set of numbers on the left at the bottom of the check. The next set of numbers are the checking account number, and the last numbers are
1. Read the shipping label or bill of lading. A bill of lading document lists a part's description, its manufacturing origin and the shipping route to its destination. 2. Look for
1 Look in the lower left hand corner of the check. This is the standard location for all routing numbers. Ad 2 Look for an icon on the check that looks like the below icon. Although
One routing number on check that consists usually of 9 numbers. Each bank has its own routing number this is how the company you are making payment to identifies what bank you deal
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A person's bank check routing number is specific for just their bank. For example, Fifth Third Bank has a bank routing number that starts with 041. The routing ...
If you want to know how to locate a bank check routing number, you can find it at the bottom of the check. The routing number is located on the far left hand side ...
On a check, the routing number is the first set of numbers on the check. The account number would be the second set of numbers on a check. The third short set ...
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