Definition of Chef De Rang?


A chef de rang is actually an assistant head waiter in the ranks of wait staff in restaurants. He is a professional who supervises lower staff and ensures high levels of guest satisfaction. He also clears tables after meals.
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i have no clue Here's a good example of a job description. I worked as a Chef de Rang and this matches what my duties were.
Executive chefs earned between $40,943 and $67,168 in 2010, according to the salary survey website PayScale. This includes base salary, bonuses, profit-sharing and commissions. Executive
A chef de rang, also commonly known as the assistant headwaiter, is a senior member of a wait staff and is usually found at upscale restaurants.
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A chef de rang is another term used for a headwaiter. Dining rooms are sometimes split into separate sections and the supervisor of each section is called a Chef de rang.
A Chef De Rang is normally the head chef, assistant head chef . The Chef De Rang is usually found in very ritzy restaurants. the job requires the utmost in supervisory skills.
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