What Is a Chef Tournant?


A chef tournant is a cook in a kitchen who provides assistance to all the various cooks other than having a specific job. He or she works on a rotation where required most throughout the kitchen. He is competent to deputise in all section of a kitchen when needed.
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A chef or cook who is able to work any station in the kitchen when needed.
It is a chef who can run any station in a the kitchen. in a large kitchen, this position is a kind of floater. Filling in where needed, but with no specific duties. in a small kitchen
A man or woman who makes a living as a cook can be called a chef. They are usually the head cooks of an establishment. They work in restaurants, cafes, school cafeterias and other
What is a sous chef? Essentially, a sous chef is a second-in-command in the restaurant kitchen, working to help the executive chef with all his duties and managing the variety of
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A chef tournant is essentially a chef who can work in any part of the kitchen. This chef can rotate in different areas of the kitchen performing different tasks. She can perform the duties of the Chef de Cuisine, Chef Entremetier, Chef Saucier and Sous Chef when needed.
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