Chemical Properties of Oxygen?


Oxygen has many chemical properties such as; its ability to be separated from air through the processes of fractionated liquefaction and distillation, use as an oxidising agent, ability to combine with most elements except for fluorine and noble gases at standard temperature and pressure.
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Relative Atomic Mass: 15.9994 amu
Discovery: Joseph Priestly is credited with the discovery of oxygen in 1774.
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oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas with the molecular formula O2, in which the two oxygen atoms are chemically bonded to each other..It has atomic number 8 and is represented by
Paramagnetism, Liquid oxygen and ozone are chemical properties of oxygen.
Chemical oxygen demand is a measure of the oxygen required to oxidize all compounds in water. This includes both organic and inorganic compounds.
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Oxygen is an element that is colorless and tasteless. It exists as a gas and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. It is slightly soluble in water and denser ...
The chemical properties of the chalcogen family are oxygen, sulfur, tellurium, selenium, ununhexium, and polonium. The physical properties of this family vary ...
The chemical properties of water are hydrogen and oxygen, having the formula H2O. It chemically reacts with some of the metals and metal oxides to form bases and ...
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