What Is a Chenopod?


A Chenopod is a genus of approximately 150 species of flowering plants commonly known as the Goosefoots. Chenopods tolerate any condition thus occurring almost anywhere in the world. It is classified in the Amaranthaceae family under the Order Caryophyllales.
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[kee-nuh-pod, ken-uh-]
any plant of the amaranth family Chenopodiaceae.
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Chenopods are a class of plant life that includes spinach and beets. Members of this family of plants tend to release a large amount of pollen, which can aggravate people's allergies
A chenopod [ Chenopodium. spp. is a flowering plant, within the. Angiospermae. division of the. Plantae. kingdom. It's within the. Amaranthaceae. family. So it's related to beets
N. Any plant of the goosefoot family, which includes spinach, beets, and pigweed. [From New Latin
(kē'nə-pŏd', kĕn'ə-) n. Any plant of the goosefoot family, which includes spinach, beets, and pigweed. [From New Latin Chēnopodiāceae, family name
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Chenopods are a genus of flowering plants. There are about 150 different kinds of chenopods. They an be perennial or annual flowers, and are also called goosefoots ...
Chenopod is the alternate name of the genus Chenopodium. Chenopodium is a genus consisting of 150 species of annual or perennial herbaceous flowering plants. These ...
Chenopods look like beets. Chenopods thrive in disturbed soil and in an open field. Their flowers are tiny hence inconspicuous and give forth fruits which look ...
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