What Does a Chinch Bug Look like?


Chinch bugs are small insects with sucking and piercing mouths parts, which they use to feed on grass plants. These insects live in thatch areas of turf grass and they feed on crown areas and lower sections of the plant. They are major lawn pest issues in most parts of Europe, the UK, and the Americas.
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chinch bug
a small lygaeid bug, Blissus leucopterus, that feeds on corn, wheat, and other grains.
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1. Mow your yard on a regular basis. Proper upkeep of the grass is important, despite the infestation of chinch bugs. 2. Use a granule on your yard. These are products spread over
also cinch bug n. Chiefly Southern & Midland U.S. A small black and white insect (Blissus leucopterus) that is very destructive to grains and grasses. See bedbug.
Blissus leucopterus.
chinch bug: small black-and-white insect that feeds on cereal grasses
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In an attempt to kill chinch bugs without using any chemicals, try to remove all the thatch. This will eliminate the more desirable living conditions in which ...
Chinch bugs are commonly found in lawns of Pennsylvania. The bugs are very small with gray backs. there can possible be up to 150 chinch bugs in your lawn. Acephate ...
There are several different treatments for Chinch bugs. Chinch bugs cause the lawn to turn a brownish yellow color and look unattractive in spots. Three of the ...
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