What Is a Chrismon?


A chrismon is a type of a Christmas tree decoration used in many churches and often in the homes of Christians. It usually symbolises a variety of biblical and theological concepts that are well known among most believers.
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1. Select a verse from one of the four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke or John - that describes an event in Christ's birth, upbringing or ministry. 2. Brainstorm possible symbols that
Chrismons are a type of Christmas Tree decoration used in many churches and often in the homes of
How to make a tree with ornaments that reflect the real meaning of Christmas. A chrismon, a combination of the words "Christ" and "monogram," is a symbol that
it comes from Greek and Latin.
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A chrismon tree is a slight but no less popular variation of the Christmas tree where the tree is decorated by symbols about Jesus Christ, and the meaning of Christmas ...
Chrismon is a noun and a Christmas symbol, which is used to represent one's aspects, life or ministry of Jesus Christ, through an image. They are built in all ...
A chrismon is a Christian symbol representing Jesus Christ. Some chrismons and their meanings include the fish; the fish was one of the early signs of Christendom ...
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