What is a "Christian father"?


A Christian father is a title that is given to male parents who practice Christianity and raise their children in accordance with Christian values and teachings. It may also refer to a male leader of a group of Christians.
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A Christian father has many qualities that are expressed through Bible texts. A Christian father is commanded to raise his children in the faith, giving spiritual regulation and support
1. Spend time with your children. They grow up fast in this busy life. Watch TV, interact with homework, share work and projects around the house and go to church as a family. This
What makes a good father? Anyone can have children, but not anyone can be a father. So before you claim that "World's Greatest Dad" mug, take a look at some of the criteria
1 Be faithful to your wife. She is the mother of your children. Ad 2 Attend Church regularly with your family. Do this to set an example to your children. 3 Pray together, with your
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