What Is a Chucker Bird?


A chukar bird is a Eurasian upland bird that belongs to the Phasianidae family. The bird has a light brown back and a grey breast with a buff belly. Also, it has a white face and a black gorget.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Chucker Bird"
A Chucker bird (also called a Partridge) looks like a large pigeon - meaning
a spear chucker is a black person that ecaped from there owners and they used to throw spears to hunt for food.
Mississippi was considered the 20th state in the U.S. and is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. Their state bird is the mockingbird, but they also have a state game bird which is the
Wild birds will forage for nuts, seeds, and grains, like corn and soybeans. They will eat insects, like beetles and mosquitoes, and will also eat worms. Look here for more information
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