Church Homecoming?


A Church homecoming is a special service that is put on the anniversary day of the founding of a church. The service is themed to recognise the saints who not only established the church, but over the years have contributed to the welfare of the church, and the believers' body.
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To bring back old members and to reconnect.
This is what I think. The people in charge of cleaning,repairing and working at the churches stay there all day Monday - Friday. Many are on "call" 24 hours 7 days a week.
Ya know, that may be something to see. Have you found out yet when this is happening?
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The purpose of a church homecoming is to honor the establishment of the church. Is something akin to an anniversary. ...
A church homecoming is a time to commemorate the church itself. A church homecoming message should reflect the values of the church. It should express the message ...
The occasion of a church homecoming is like an anniversary. A church homecoming usually occurs in southern churches every year. A lot of members show up, there ...
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