What is a church trustee?


A church trustee is a layman who deals with the secular side of running the church. Church trustees are typically responsible for ensuring the church's compliance with secular legal requirements and the management of the church's property and financial affairs.

The method of selecting church trustees varies between denominations and congregations. In some churches, the trustees are elected by the congregation; in others, the trustees are appointed.

The church trustees' role also varies considerably. In some churches, the trustee is essentially a custodian who is responsible for maintaining the facilities. Other churches rely on a board of trustees for tracking investments, updating insurance policies, serving as official signatories and managing church funds.

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Legal matters pertaining to the church organization may fall under the duties of the church trustee board. The pastor is generally the head of the board and signs most legal documents
It's mainly a state matter. Churches are usually recognized as an incorporated legal entity by the state. Often, the state requires that incorporated legal entities have trustees,
The pastor is the pastor, and the church members decide who holds the other positions. You can ask your pastor, or the names might be listed in the church bulletin or on the web site
All churches have different rules for their trustee: but here is a few of the exspected duties that the church trustee is responable to do, hope it helps.Many officers and laymen
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A Baptist church trustee is someone who is responsible for the physical upkeep and maintenance needs of the church. The trustee may be in charge of supervising ...
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