What Is a Church Usher?


A Church usher is church official whose primary duty is to welcome visitors to the church and help the pastor ensure that the service is a success. He or she is supposed to meet people with a pleasant smile and a warm welcome while directing them to their seating areas in the church. Ushers also ensure that there is order during the church service.
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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why the ministry of ushers is so critical in a welcoming church that expects to grow. Ushers are expected to greet
1. Dress appropriately for ushering. Be professional, but comfortable. You are part of a team; communicate with each other. Ad. 2. Remember you are on the "front line" therefore
In our church, usually the deacons do the ushering.
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Church ushers are required to learn a variety of hand signs to do their job right. It helps keep the noise level down during services and ensures that traffic ...
The duties of an usher in a Baptist church are to help people to the pews and get everyone seated. They help ensure a smooth sermon. ...
The hand signs for ushers may be different for every baptist church. They communicate with hand signals, so as not to interrupt, especially if there is singing ...
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