What Is a Civil Judgement?


Civil judgment is the disposition of a civil action, carried out by any court of competent jurisdiction, whether by stipulation, verdict, decision, settlement, other disposition creating a civil liability for the complained of unlawful acts, or a final liability determination under the Remedies Act of 1988, of Program Fraud Civil.
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A civil judgment is a court decision ordering one of the parties involved in a lawsuit to pay a specific amount of money to the other party. It remains in effect for 10 years and
Answer a judgement is a courts decision to a particular matter. A judgement for 500$ awarded to A from B means B "has" to pay A 500$. Once the judgement is made this does
If you sue someone for money owed to you as a result of monetary loss, a court may issue
traffic offences are not considered civil judgements, so no you wouldn't need to declare that.unless you are applying for a job involving driving of course, then I'd check with who
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If you sue someone for money owed to you as a result of monetary loss or damages, a court may issue to you a civil judgment as a final decision, ordering one of the parties to pay a certain amount to the other party. Civil lawsuits are not the same as a criminal prosecution. In certain states, a judge can award a crime victim a civil judgment against the offender based on compensation owed to the victim resulting from a crime.
In terms of the law, a civil judgement is a judgement made from a civil court case. This type of judgement can be active for up to 10 years.
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