What Is a Civil Summons?


A civil summon is a legal document that informs someone of a filed lawsuit against him or her where a response is required by a given time or date. It is served by the court officer who later files to show evidence to the court that that the entire document was served.
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It seems I've been summoned to answer this one for you. So, here it goes. A civil summons is a notification that gets delivered to a party named in a lawsuit. This summons orders
A summons is required when initiating a civil claim. It also is the means for alerting witnesses that their presence is required in court. A summons is not required when filing a
There are a variety of hearings that will occur prior to a trial, including the settlement conference and status conference. If no summary judgment is awarded, and you cannot settle
1. Review the civil action summons for credit card debt, which will arrive by mail within the time period specified by the court. 2. Reply by phone. Contact the telephone number printed
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What Is a Civil Summons?
A civil summons is a written notification to a defendant involved in a civil lawsuit that requests the defendant to appear in court in regards to the litigation. A civil summons includes the name of the court as well as the date and time the court will... More »
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