What Is a Civil Summons?


A civil summon is a legal document that informs someone of a filed lawsuit against him or her where a response is required by a given time or date. It is served by the court officer who later files to show evidence to the court that that the entire document was served.
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A summons is required when initiating a civil claim. It also is the means for alerting witnesses that their presence is required in court. A summons is not required when filing a
It is a notice you have been sued for civil damages and must appear in court to defend yourself. If you do not shoe, a judgment may automatically be rendered against you.
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What Is a Civil Summons?
A civil summons is a written notification to a defendant involved in a civil lawsuit that requests the defendant to appear in court in regards to the litigation. A civil summons includes the name of the court as well as the date and time the court will... More »
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