What Is a Civil Summons?


A civil summon is a legal document that informs someone of a filed lawsuit against him or her where a response is required by a given time or date. It is served by the court officer who later files to show evidence to the court that that the entire document was served.
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The period to serve a civil summons after filing a complaint varies by state and jurisdiction. For example, after filing a lawsuit in federal court, the plaintiff must serve the defendant
Most importantly, appear in court on the date and at the time you are summoned. Bring with you all records of payments against the debt. Be prepared to explain to the courts why you
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What Is a Civil Summons?
A civil summons is a written notification to a defendant involved in a civil lawsuit that requests the defendant to appear in court in regards to the litigation. A civil summons includes the name of the court as well as the date and time the court will... More »
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