What is a clad coin?


A clad coin is one formed from layers of more than one metal. U. S. half-dollars, quarters and dimes have all been clad since 1965.

Prior to 1965, half-dollars, quarters and dimes all contained approximately 90 percent silver. Once the change was made to clad coins, silver stopped being used in their manufacture. Instead, they have a copper core surrounded by outer layers made primarily of nickel. Holding the coin from the side allows visualization of these layers. Golden dollar coins are clad, with a copper core and outer layers of a mixture of other metals. Silver was removed from five-cent pieces beginning in 1866, when nickels began to be made of copper and nickel. Pennies are made of copper-plated zinc.

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Clad coins are silvery nickel in color, even though a large percentage of the composition is copper. Clad coins were produced to replace silver coins in circulation. Coins are clad
Not sure what you mean. ALL dimes and quarters since 1965, and all halves and dollars since 1971 have been struck in cupronickel-clad metal. Take any coin out of your pocket change
Clad is the process of covering one material with another. It can vary in meaning depending on the context it is used in. It can mean to clothe, or to provide insulation among other
Clad (verb) means to cover with (as in a gold covered coin that isn...
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What is Coin Cladding?
Coin cladding refers to clad coins--those with a copper core and nickel layers on either side. A look at the edge reveals this "sandwich" look, as opposed to silver coins which have a uniform color.... More »
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