Class 2 Power Supply?


Class 2 power supply is classification of power that refers to (NEC), which stands for National Electric Code. The output of this power supply is limited to 60VDC or 100VA, and 100W in an AC-DC power supply.
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A computer's power supply is a box that normally occupies the top space on the inside of a computer. The power supply is connected to an electrical outlet via a universal power cord
*Class 2 compliance requires a maximum power output availability of less than 100 watts for the component. *The NEC is the source of the Class 2 circuit definition as well as for
Class IV - Construction Materials.
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What Is the Definition for a Class 2 Power Supply?
Power supplies for electronics are available in three classifications. Each group has specific power limits for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The type and strength of power required for an electronic device determines which of the... More »
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