What is a clean-out pipe?


A cleanout pipe is a riser tube that is put into a sewer line to provide an opening at the ground level. The cleanout is normally installed at the rim of the easement or property line.
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1. Cut the PVC pipe three inches under the cleanout. 2. Identify how high you want the cleanout to be above the ground. You can make it flush with the ground, sticking out of the
Usually a screw in plug somewhere in the drain that lets you run a snake or auger in the drain without having to pull up a stool or other fixture. There is usually one in the main
( ′klēn′au̇t ′jet ′ög·ər ) (engineering) An auger equipped with water-jet orifices designed to clean out collected material inside
Four-inch corrugated pipe is commonly used because it's very inexpensive and easy to work with. Due to its flexibility, it doesn't require elbows during installation. Lay the pipe
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