What is a climax community?


A climax community is an ecological community, which has all the plant and animal community existing in a stable state. They balance with one another; thus, ensuring that there is no competition for resources.
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I think, the redwood forests. Or the Amazon rainforest.
( ′klī′maks kə′myü·nə·dē ) (ecology) The final stage in ecological succession in which a relatively constant environment is
A stable mature community in a successive series which has reached equilibrium after
Climax community - An ecosystem which experiences a turnover of species, but with an overall steady state. This steady-state ecosystem is characterized by a complex, highly integrated
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A climax community is a biological community of animals and plants that has reached a steady state. This occurs through the development of vegetation in the area, and it peaks when the community has member species that are well adapted to the conditions in the area. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climax_community
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