A climograph is a graphical representation of the periodical precipitation and temperature settings for a certain place. Precipitation is shown by the bar graph while a line graph depicts temperature. Generally, it gives a quick view of the climate of a location.
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A graph that shows the climate of a specific region, by showing average data of temperature, precipitation, etc. on a month-by-month basis. Actually, It is a combination of Line and
1. Open a new worksheet in Excel 2007. Create three column headings: Month, Temperature and Precipitation. 2. Enter 12 rows of data consisting of the 12 months of the year in the
Climograph: A graph that depicts the annual cycle of temperature and rainfall
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This a graph of temperature plotted against humidity. This is how meteorologists determine the ' real feel' temperature that is reported to us on the weather report.
A climograph is a graph that shows the monthly average precipitation and temperature for a particular area. Most climograph's show this information over an annual span.
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The best way to read a climograph varies depending on what specifically a person wants to read. A climograph is a device used to identify a climate. To read a ...
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