What Is a Clinical Goniometer?


The clinical goniometer is a device used to measure angles of inclination, range of motion, and curvature of surfaces. The device is used by physiotherapists, rheumatologists and general practitioners.
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What Is a Clinical Goniometer?
A clinical goniometer is an instrument used by medical professional to determine the range of motion in a joint. It is used primarily by physical therapists and doctors treating a muscle, bone or joint injury.... More »
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Clinical Goniometre is a device that measures angles when testing various labyrinthine diseases, which affect the sense of balance. Mainly the instrument is for measuring angles. Labyrinthine is a disease that originates from the inner ear.
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A goniometer can be made of either plastic or metal. In its center is a scale that reads from 0 to 360 degrees. Two rulers or pointers are extended from the scale. These rulers can
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