What happens in a cold front?


A cold front refers to the transition zone where a cold air mass is replacing a warmer air mass. Cold fronts usually move from northwest to southeast which may cause a decrease in temperatures to more than 15 degrees within an hour.
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Air masses are categorized by their humidity and temperature. Fronts are a boundary that forms when air masses meet. Cold Front. *as cold air moves forward, warm air is pushed upward
( ′sek·ən′der·ē ′kōld ′frənt ) (meteorology) A front which forms behind a frontal cyclone and within a cold air mass, characterized
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A cold front commonly brings a narrow band of precipitation that follows along
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cold front
the zone separating two air masses, of which the cooler, denser mass is advancing and replacing the warmer.
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A cold front is a term meteorologists use when a pattern of cold air is coming into the area. The front comes in for a few days before it moves out.
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