What happens in a cold front?


A cold front refers to the transition zone where a cold air mass is replacing a warmer air mass. Cold fronts usually move from northwest to southeast which may cause a decrease in temperatures to more than 15 degrees within an hour.
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When a cold front is forecast for your area, it means that several things are happening prior to the cold front passing through. The winds will be moving from the south to the southwest
A blue triangle. The cold front symbol is a line with triangles on one side. a line with triangels on top.
n. The leading portion of a cold atmospheric air mass moving against and eventually replacing a warm air mass.
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cold front
the zone separating two air masses, of which the cooler, denser mass is advancing and replacing the warmer.
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A cold front is a term meteorologists use when a pattern of cold air is coming into the area. The front comes in for a few days before it moves out.
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