What is a colloid?


A colloid is a substance that appears to be a singular component but is actually made up of two different components. Milk is colloid made up of butter fat and water.

A colloid is a substance mixture. One component of a colloid is able to disperse throughout the other component. This dispersion is invisible by an optical microscope but can be seen with an electron microscope. Under an electron microscope the component clumps can be seen. The clumps have a murky appearance. The two components of a colloid are referred to as the colloid particle and dispersing mechanism. In milk the colloid particle is the butter fat. The dispersing material in milk is water. Any solid, liquid or gas combination has the possibility of forming a colloid. If the particle is able to interact with another environment, it has the possibility of becoming a component in a colloid. The exception being a two-gas colloid because gases are miscible. A hydrocolloid is a colloid in which the colloid particles are hydrophilic polymers dispersed in water. Hydrocolloids are reversible or irreversible. Agar is a reversible hydrocolloid that exists in either a gel or solid state and can switch back and forth between the two states.

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A colloid is a chemical mixture in which one thing is distributed evenly throughout another. The distributed thing is not dissolved, it does not change, it is just suspended.
Colloid Defined Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines colloid as being a substance. Colloid is a substance that is able to disperse its particles throughout another substance (like butter
A. colloid. is a type of mechanical mixturewhere one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. The particles of the dispersed substance are only suspended in the mixture,
Of the nature of a colloid. c. bath — a bath containing gelatin, bran, starch or similar substances, to relieve skin irritation and pruritus. c. body — a homogeneous,
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What Is a Colloid?
Many common food items (jelly) and other products (paper) are colloids. They appear to be singular components but actually are comprised of two separate things. These molecule clumps are often murky or opaque in appearance, such as fog and milk. And they... More »
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A colloid is a fancy word for when one substance is microscopically mixed within another substance. Colloids are a part of our daily life and are all around us ...
The definition of colloid chemistry is the science of the composition, properties, structure, and reactions of matter, especially of molecular and atomic systems ...
A colloid cyst is a growth that has gelatinous material in it. It is found in the brain and not in the thyroid. Symptoms are headaches, vertigo and memory deficits ...
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