Characteristics of a Communist Economy?


A communist economy is an economic ideology applicable in communist states. One of the major features of such an economy is government intervention and collective ownership of property. The government allocates goods and resources and determines prices.
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In 1848 Karl Marx helped write 'The Communist Manifesto. Communism believes problems in society are relieved by spreading the wealth around. Communist governments use force to control
Two that i know of are China and Cuba.
The communist economy is also known as the planned economy. Hope this
I suggest reading "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx It is a very insightful and philisophical book into the theory of communism
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A command economy is a type of economy is typical of communist countries where the government dictates the price of the products in the market. A list of countries ...
A command economy means the government tells farms and factories what to produce, and how much to produce. Communist countries used this type of economy. The Soviet ...
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