What is a community helper?


A community helper does jobs and handles tasks that benefit the local or broader community, whether as a paid worker or a volunteer. Community helpers contribute to the safety, education, sanitation and health of community members.

Community helpers work a wide variety of jobs. They include firefighters, police officers, teachers, medics, public transportation workers, sanitation workers, soup kitchen or shelter coordinators, social workers, government officials and more. What binds these disparate jobs is that they are in the service of a community. In general, the jobs are in the public sector and the organizations are non-profit.

Regardless of profession, anyone can be a community helper by volunteering in the local community.

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There are several qualifications to become a community helper. These requirements include no serious past criminal charges, ability to work well with others, and wanting to help others
1. Determine what your students already know about community helpers. Giving an informal survey by a show of hands is an excellent method for getting a general idea. By understanding
i would say someone who helps the community is the definition of a community helper.
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