What are some complete predicate examples?


A complete predicate is the part telling what is said about the subject in a sentence.
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The simple predicate is the verb in the sentence. If the verbs are connected by "and" showing two actions by the subject, such as "ran and played, the simple predicated
The predicate modifies the subject of the sentence. It is composed of at least a verb that tells the action of the sentence's purpose. In addition to the verb, predicates may also
The complete predicate is The part of the sentence that
The subject is "that," and the rest is the predicate, with the simple predicate "is." "The day" is a predicate nominative, not the subject. It's true
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A predicate, or complete predicate, is a portion of a clause or sentence, excluding the subject, that expresses something about the subject.
In the sentence "the book is on the table", the predicate is "on the table."
A complete predicate refers to all of the words in a sentence that tell what the subject does. A complete predicate comprises the verb and all the accompanying modifiers and other words that receive the action of a transitive verb or complete its meaning.
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