What is a compound machine?


A compound machine is comprised of two or more simple machines. Machines are tools that change the force or direction of the force and thereby make work easier. Two or more simple machines together have the ability to do more difficult tasks.

To understand compound machines, one must know the nature of a simple machine. An inclined plane, a lever, a wedge, a screw, a pulley and a wheel and axle are all simple machines. Combinations of these six work together to form compound machines that are used every day to make people's lives easier. A pair of scissors is a compound machine because the scissors combine a lever and a wedge to allow them to cut paper and other items. The levers are the handles and the wedges are the blades. A wheel barrow is a lever together with a wheel and axle. Much more complicated compound machines exist as well, such as a bicycle or car.

The mechanical advantage of a compound machine is equal to that of each simple machine from which it is made added together. Mechanical advantage is a term describing how much easier the work is due to the use of the machine. The drawback to compound machines as opposed to simple ones is that the more complicated they are, the more friction they produce. They are, therefore, less efficient than simple machines. Greasing the parts helps to overcome some of the friction.

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A Simple Combination. Six types of simple machines have been identified, ordinary ways to add - or suspend - force in a particular way for a specific task. The wheel and axle are
scissors,bikes,and pocket knives.
A compound machine is a device that combines 2 or more simple
A compound machine consists of two or more simple machines put together. A bicycle is a great example
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What Are Compound Machines?
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