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A compound machine is a device that is made up of two or more simple machines. They perform more complex works than the simple machines and have better mechanical advantage. An example of a compound machine is a bicycle.
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A compound machine is quite simply two simple machines put together. Most machines are compound machines, and they are more equipped to complete difficult tasks. You can find more
A compound machine is a machine made of two or more simple machines. A compund machine also moves in more tha one movement.
Mechanical advantage (MA) is a physical property defined as the output force of a machine divided by the input force of the machine. In other words, it is the amount of force the
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What Are Compound Machines?
Compound machines surround us every day, in every room. Though many in the 21st century are hyper-compound electronic devices like televisions or cellphones, many more are simply combinations of a few simpler machines that perform a specific task in a... More »
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A compound machine is a combination of two or more simple machines. They can do more difficult jobs than simple machines alone and their mechanical advantage is also far greater. The bicycle and scissors are examples of compound machines.
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A compound machine is a machine composed of two or more simple machines. Common examples are bicycles, can openers and wheelbarrows. Simple machines change the ...
A compound machine is comprised of two or more simple machines. Machines are tools that change the force or direction of the force and thereby make work easier ...
A compound machine is a series of simple machines connected to make one machine. It is called a compound machine because of the different simple machines put together ...
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