What is an example of a compound predicate?


An example of a compound predicate in the sentence "Julie and her mother live in France and speak English" is the end portion, "live in France and speak English." The predicate is the part of the sentence that makes a statement about the subject. It tells what the subject is doing or what is happening to the subject.

A simple predicate tells one thing about the subject. An example is "Julie lives in France." The simple predicate, "lives in France," tells one thing about Julie, the subject.

A compound predicate tells at least two things about the same subject. It does not repeat the subject. In the original sentence, "live in France and speak English" is the compound predicate since it tells two things about the subjects "Julie and her mother."

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A. compound predicate. is two or more simple predicates joined by a. conjunction. that indicate actions by the same subject. A conjunction is a word used to join two separate thoughts
Predicates are words in the sentence that will tell something about the subject. Every sentence in the English language has a predicate and subject.
A compound predicate is a predicate with two parts joined by the word and
The hungry boy - ate a banana and devoured an ice cream sundae 10 minutes later. The part to the right is the compound predicate. It is compound because the subject (The hungry boy)
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What Is a Compound Predicate?
In order to form a complete thought, a sentence must include a subject and a predicate. The subject is the main noun or pronoun of a sentence plus all adjectives and modifiers, while the predicate consists of the verb or verb string with all adverbs and... More »
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A compound subject is a subject with two or more nouns or pronouns joined by a conjunction (i.e and) and share the same predicate. For instance, her shoes and ...
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