What are compound subjects and compound predicates?


A compound subject is a subject with two or more nouns or pronouns joined by a conjunction (i.e and) and share the same predicate. For instance, her shoes and ankles (is a compound subject) were covered with mud (is a predicate). A compound predicate has two or more verbs joined by a conjuction.
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Compound means more than one. If a sentence has a compound subject, there are two or more "do-ers" as in "Bruce and Matt went shopping for wedding rings. A sentence
1. subject-and my soul predicate-called me eagerly out, sent me over the horizon. 2. subject- The world'shonor predicate ages and shrinks. 3. subject-I predicate-grieved each dawn
A compound subject is when a verb has 2 or more
1. Explain to your students that a sentence is made up of subject (who or what) and predicate (tells us something about the subject) Go on to say that a compound predicate tells us
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What Are Compound Subjects & Predicates?
English sentence structure allows for both compound subjects -- more than one subject described by a single predicate -- and also for compound predicates, in which multiple predicates refer to one or more subjects. Since compound subjects may contain... More »
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A compound subject has two or more subjects joined by the conjunction 'and' and 'or', while a compound predicate has two or more predicates joined by a conjunction. The subject is the 'who' or 'what' in a sentence, and the predicate tells something about the subject. An example of a sentence with a compound subject and compound predicate is: 'Amber and James are going to college in September and will take Chemistry as their major'.
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